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Hearing Device Fitting

This is the appointment where your audiologist will fit you with your new hearing instruments. They will be programmed based on your hearing loss, age and whether you have previously used hearing instruments in order to meet your hearing needs. You will learn how to insert and remove the devices, change the batteries and care for them. It is a good idea to bring family members or close friends with you to the fitting so they can help you remember all the information that is given, as well as support you.

When you put the hearing instruments in for the first time, you may experience different emotions about the sounds you hear. This is normal. The goal of the hearing devices is to make every day sounds audible and comfortable.

Motivation is an important key to success with your new hearing instruments. Hearing device studies have shown that people who have a positive attitude do better with hearing devices. Adjustments can be made to the hearing instruments depending on your report and particular listening environments. It may take some time to get used to the sounds you were missing. By working closely with your audiologist, you will get the most out of your new hearing instruments.