Hearing Care Center of Maryland

(301) 714-4390
11110 Medical Campus Rd Ste. 128
Hagerstown, MD 21742

Serving the Community for over 35 years!

Hear What Our Patients Have to Say:

"The office staff is excellent, polite and kind. Dr. Eackles is exceptionally fantastic with explaining everything showing her kindness."

-Margaret L., 2/25/20

"Appointments easy to make, on time. The product, hearing aid, is very good. My hearing has been upgraded. "

-D. Edwards, 12/16/19

"I had hearing issues for years and now that I have hearing aids it is wonderful. The expertise of the staff was exemplary and very beneficial. They made it easy for me to transition into wearing and operating the hearing aids. "

-E. Gray, 11/20/19

"Hearing loss was very new for me. I was extremely scared and panicky coming in for my appointment. Dr. Eackles and staff calmed my fears and helped me adjust. I am so grateful!"

-S. Clutz, 11/18/19

"The open and friendly communication with personnel."

"The satisfaction with testing and options offered."

"The quality of products purchased."

-Herbert R., 79, patient since 1994

"My new behind the ear hearing aids are awesome. I have the streamer as well and this works wonderful. It's so nice just to push a button and be connected ...really connected. I am looking forward to using my connections for my home phone and TV. Not only are my hearing aids great, so is Jen working with me and my schedule. All the staff are great to work with."

-Deborah T., 55, patient since 2011

"Service is very good. Very professional. Answers all questions. Like hearing aids. Like much better than Miracle Ear."

-Dave P., 65, patient since 2000

"For utmost professional care, the Hearing Care Center at Robinwood Medical Center was extremely helpful in diagnosing my hearing loss; testing was explained thoroughly, the hearing aids were fitted professionally and I was handled with great care, compassion and understanding for a very sensitive problem. From the very first visit and through the followup visits, I can only recommend the Hearing Care Center (namely Peg and her staff) for a job well done. I cannot thank them enough for making the "gift of hearing" possible once more."

-Greg O., 65, patient since 2011

"I can hear! My problem was background noise and now I can adjust my hearing. I am very active and have meetings where I used to have trouble hearing. I also used to have trouble hearing in church. I love my aids."

-Annie O., 75, patient since 2011

"Very professional! Perfect fitting and very satisfied! Dr. Peg is the best!"

-Dean, 88, 8/2018

"I had no idea what I was missing - love my hearing aid!"

-Mary, 71, 9/2018

"I love my hearing aids. Something I never thought I would say. After putting my aids in I am not aware I have them in my ears. They are comfortable and they do their job! I highly recommend them to everyone. They will only improve your quality of life."

-Patricia, 78, 11/2018

"I am very pleased with my new aid to improve my ability to hear sounds that were missing in my life. The experience was very easy. The staff audiologists were wonderful and caring! Thank you HCC!"


"The sound on my old hearing aid was muffled. These are very sharp and clear. Also with the double dong (2nd program) I can hear the speaker (preacher) at a distance. Very satisfied. They are wonderful."

-Bob, 1/2019