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VNG Balance Evaluations

Vertigo, dizziness, and balance problems can be life altering. For many people, it can affect their ability to do even the simplest daily tasks. If you are experiencing vertigo or balance issues, your doctor may refer you for a VNG test.

A VNG balance test evaluates the part of the body that helps maintain balance, including the brain, central nervous system, visual input and inner ear function. It may reveal or rule out the cause of your vertigo, dizziness or balance issues, and allow your doctor to treat it appropriately and effectively.

Because of the nature of the test, there are some preparations you will need to make before your evaluation. Our staff will provide you with clear instructions on how to prepare for your examination. If you have any questions about your instructions or how to prepare for the test, you may call our patient coordinator who will check with your doctor or the audiologist.