About Our Hearing Center

Since 1978, the Hearing Care Center has offered comprehensive audiology and hearing device services to both children and adults. You will work with either Dr. Eackles or Dr. Campbell who will talk with you about your symptoms, your concerns and your unique situation. Then we will begin your comprehensive hearing evaluation to ensure the most complete, accurate assessment available. Only after our audiologists have determined the degree of your hearing loss can we make a forthright recommendation, one based on fact, not in an attempt to sell you something you might not need. If we determine that you do need a hearing aid, you will see Peg or Jen, one of of our doctors of audiology. You’ll be glad to know we offer a variety of brands, models and types.

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We will never sell you a product and send you on your way. That’s just not the way we do things. We’ll make sure you get a precise fit and that you are completely informed about and comfortable with your personal hearing device, including the maintenance and cleaning of your instruments.

Associated with Cumberland Valley ENT Associates (https://www.cventdocs.com)

Consulting Physicians:

  • Michael J. Saylor, MD (retired since December 2019)
  • Jarl T. Wathne, MD (retired since August 2021)
  • A. Christopher Manilla, DO
  • Angela C. Stonebraker, MD
  • Megan E. Willwerth, CRNP (joined practice in 2020)